Dalit Gurevich is a mix media artist. She uses multiple techniques and integrates into her artwork acrylic paints, video footage, embroidery, knitting, text, and found materials. Dalit was born in Kibbutz Ein Hashelosha, Israel. She received her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and Art Education at Haifa University and graduated from the Beit Berl School of Arts. Since moving to New York in 2001 she showed her work in numerous group and solo shows and was part of the Makor Artist in Residence program. She has been affiliated with Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, where she had two solos shows and participated in national and international art fairs. Dalit was featured in THE BROOKLYN RAIL, NY ARTS Magazine, the Daily News, 11211 Magazine, Terminal, and several online magazines. She is currently a resident artist at Chashama Visual Arts Program in Brooklyn.